Be it due to work, school, family or something else, we all experience stress on a day to day basis. An optimum level of stress can actually be good for us. It can motivate us to perform well and can help to keep us safe. Sometimes however our stress can get the better of and can lead to a number of difficulties. These difficulties can include physical and/or mental health issues, relationship and family issues, as well as general dissatisfaction with one’s situation.

This Coping with Stress handout provides some helpful information about excessive stress and the effect that it can have on us. It also includes some information on how to tackle our stress and maintain better well-being.

It also provides some information on acute stress disorder – a psychological condition that can develop following experience of one or more traumatic or stressful situations.

Please be advised that the information contained in this handbook does not replace the advice of a medical professional and so if you or someone you is experiencing excessive stress, it may be advisable to seek professional services.


Ms. Niamh Allen, M.A. B.Sc.

Stress can impact negatively on our physical and mental health

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