Dr. Jones provides the following types of assessments at $225 / hour.     Assessments vary in number of hours required.

  • Psycho-Educational Assessment: Learning assessment and educational assessment to identify a person’s learning profile and/or learning disabilities.  This assessment requires 13 hours of work at $225 / hour.
  • Psycho-Legal Assessment: Dr. Jones has been qualified in BC Supreme Court as an expert witness with experience in the assessment of learning disorders
  • Assessment for MCAT / GRE / LSAT / GMAT Accommodations
  • Cognitive Functioning Assessment / Intelligence Assessment: including assessment of verbal and non-verbal reasoning, sequential problem solving, pattern recognition and completion,  visual-spatial and visual-constructive abilities; relating these ability areas to academic, vocational and day-to-day adaptive functioning
  • Memory Assessment: assessment of memory abilities – for visual vs. verbal information; for meaningful vs. abstract information; recognition vs. recall abilities
  • Neuropsychological Assessment: comprehensive neuropsychological assessments examining cognition, memory, and executive functions
  • Developmental Assessments: comprehensive developmental assessments of your child’s developmental level in motor, speech-language, cognitive, regulation of attention, impulse-control and emotions, executive functions, adaptive functioning  
  • Adaptive Behavior Assessment: assessment of adaptive functioning, including daily living skills, activities of daily living (ADL’s), vocational, academic, social and leisure domains
  • Comprehensive and Diagnostic ADHD Assessment: including assessment of attention and executive functions.  This assessment requires five hours at $225 / hour.
  • Other Diagnostic Assessments:  
    • FASD Diagnosis: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis
    • Autism Diagnosis: Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis for children age two years and older
    • Developmental Diagnosis: including Intellectual Disability Diagnosis
    • Anxiety Diagnosis: diagnosis of Anxiety Disorders
    • Depression Diagnosis: Diagnosis of Depressive and Adjustment Disorders
    • Somatic Symptom Disorders 
    • Impulse-Control Disorders 
    • Trauma Assessment: diagnosis of trauma-related disorders including P0st-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • Personality Disorder Assessment: diagnosis of Personality Disorders

Questions about assessment?  Here is a helpful information page provided by the American Psychological Association.

Port Moody and Vancouver Psycho-Educational Assessment Clinics:

Dr. Jones provides assessments to children and adults at the Lifespan Development Group clinics in Vancouver and Port Moody.   Assessment goals can include diagnosis, understanding the causes of a disorder or difficulty, and identifying treatments and supports that are likely to be helpful.

Contact Lifespan Development Group at 604-259-1236 or by email at info@lifespandevelopment.ca